Committee and Working Group Structure Review

We will review our Committee structures and Working Groups and implement any improvements identified in the review. In order to take this forward, please take the time to complete this short survey. (It should only take about 3 minutes)

The Council's Committees currently have 12 Members appointed, with 6 subs. This accounts for 3/4's of the Council for each Committee.

The Council's Standing Orders allow us to reduce Committee sizes to 8, with 4 Subs, which would be 1/2 the Council for each Committee.


The Council's sub-committees currently have 6 Members appointed, with 4 subs.

The Council's Standing Orders allow us to reduce sub-committee sizes to 4, with 4 Subs.


The Council currently has 15 different Working Groups. Some of these Working Groups have large numbers of Councillors appointed, ranging from 7 to 11 members, along with representatives from other bodies.

Download the current Working Groups Here

Would you like to see an additional item on each Council/ Committee agenda re Work programme and future business, which would allow you to preview upcoming business and to propose items for future agendas?


Do you have any ideas which might improve the Council's decision-making processes?