Budget Consultation

Newbury Town Council

Budget consultation 2019-2020

Newbury Town Council is committed to continuing to work to make Newbury a better place to live, work and visit.

In order to do this, we spend over a million pounds per annum to deliver a range of services for the community of Newbury. Most of the money to provide these services is collected from you through your council tax. We would like to hear your views on the services we deliver. These include Victoria Park, the Town Hall, The Market, allotments and cemeteries. We also maintain a number of playgrounds, pitches and other open spaces around the town and a full list of these can be found on our website.

Town and Parish Councils send a bill, known as “The Precept”, to the District Council for the cost of the services they provide and this amount is collected by West Berkshire District Council as part of your Council Tax payments. The charge for Newbury Town Council services is less than 5% of your total Council Tax bill. Our charge this year is £79.12 per average household; some parish councils in West Berkshire exceed £100.

The Town Council Strategy which sets out our priorities and objectives, as well as full details of our budgeted income and expenditure for this year, 2018-19   can also be found on our website.

A summary of the services and spending is shown on the survey graphs and we welcome your views on how we spend your money. Please let us know which services you value most. This will help us to prioritise our spending for the future and enable us to deliver the services that matter most to the people of Newbury.

Looking forward, the Town Council may be called upon to deliver services which the District Council may no longer be able to support due to financial challenges. This has already happened to facilities such as the public toilets at The Wharf and in relation to library services. In both of these instances, the Town Council stepped into the breach to continue to provide important services. This could happen again in the future and we need to hear your views on this matter. Should we consider taking on more services if the district council can no longer afford them? Services such as parks, recreation grounds and town centre maintenance, all services which make Newbury a better place to live, work and visit.

The Council will also be hosting a Coffee Morning in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall on Saturday 22 September, where members of the council and officers will be available to discuss these matters with you and where you can also respond to our consultation.


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Your views are important to us and will help us to spend your money to deliver the services that are important to you.

The consultation and survey close on Sunday 30 September 2018 and the outcomes will be reported to Full Council on 29 October.